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Originally Posted by .Aero View Post
- Never use moves that require a charging turn, or recharging turn. This means that you probably should look for a different move over Giga Impact. It gives the opponent a free switch or setup move that could lead to your demise.
I'd definitely like to restate this point. When you think of it in how much power you deal, think of it like this. Giga Impact has 150 base power, and it takes up two turns. Return has a max of 102 base power, and it takes up one turn. Let's do some thinking:

Giga Impact
150 bp for turn 1 + 0 bp for turn 2 = 150 bp

102 bp for turn 1 + 102 bp for turn 2 = 204 bp

See, with moves like Return, you get more bang for your buck and do more damage in the long haul. The next thing I wanted to ask was, are you familiar with the physical/special split in moves? There are some Pokemon, like Kabutops, who are very good at using either physical or special moves... but usually not both. Hydro Pump isn't very good on Kabutops because it uses his weaker attacking stat. You should try running Waterfall over Hydro Pump because of that. Kabutops would also like Low Kick > X-Scissor or Giga Impact because it lets him hit Ferrothorn who otherwise completely stops him. The other move (X-Scissor or Giga Impact) should be replaced with Swords Dance or Aqua Jet: SD lets you increase your attack easy while Aqua Jet lets you finish off really fast, frail things.