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    Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post

    The threads only get locked because they're normally against the rules, you'll find most of them are just people asking us to build the team for them. We're only here to help and suggest, not build it for you. The one's that are moves are just in the wrong section, if it's for an In-game team, it should go in the In-game forum. It's not really that hard. Starting a conversation really doesn't relate to this? <_<; Just go on a person's profile that you want to get to know and just hit them up. :3 Simple. Posting in the right forum isn't that hard either, you're not gonna make a "Best feature about Black and White" in the Heartgold and Soulsilver forum are you?
    As I stated my post was just a simple generalisation for how I personally feel regarding the whole forum.

    I know exactly what you mean regarding people posting pointless threads, or threads in the wrong place and what needs to be done with those but I've honestly never seen it quite so bad on any other forum I've been a member of. Maybe its the genre or the memberbase... The other forums I go on tend to be geared towards the older generation. But, this countless number of locked threads and the thread redirects that get created when a thread is moved puts me off of posting new threads myself.

    When I said conversation I was merely refering to different types of threads - including the "conversational" ones, I apologise for not making myself clear. It has nothing to do with the topic of this thread, just the way I worded my post. I wasn't refering to threads made for specific people that should be conducted via PM or VM.

    Regarding the specific S&M forum and its activity - I honestly don't understand why its not busier as it's must be extemely useful for some. There are two reasons why I personaly dont use it - I dont feel the need to as I get on in battles quite well, secondly I dont want to go posting a thread only to get "feedback" along the lines of "Your team sucks".
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