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I honestly dislike where your style has gone. You're on a one way, fast track to a slim horizon for art. All your examples are stuck in one style, and looking back on your other work, it's the only style you seem to pull off. I know your work so well at this stage, that I simply think that if you continue to keep going down this route, you'll regurgitate the same stuff over and over. What I see here, is nothing like I've not seen from you before. Your style has become too sharp and contrasted that your focals are too lost in detail. You're enveloping your concepts in too much technique, for all of these.

This is the best though. But again, over contrasted and sharpening is too frequent. I know you like doing it, but your concepts are suffering because you're going too far into your own style. You should branch out a little. And lay off the touch ups a little.

I realise that might sound harsh, they're all good really, but I think a little general critique on style can help also.
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