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Ok, people. Just like the title says, what's so special about N? Do you like him? Do you more than like him? What's your opinion on him? Why do you think he's so special apart from his looks? Ask yourselves questions like this. Try to make your point on wether or not N is special. Is he a retard or a dream? Give your opinions.

Frankly, i think he's not THAT special, i like his history of being able to talk to Pokemon. But the way he thinks of humans and Pokemon, just a bit exagerated. He's a friggin hypocrit anyway, if he wants to free them so much why does he own them? He wants to make friends with Zekrom/Reshiram? Er...exageration party! And what's up with his name anyway? N? Come on Gamefreak! As if the name "Hilbert" or whatever wasn't bad enough!
But he has upsides in my opinion. Even though he can seem like a total retard from time to time, i guess his motives aren't as insane as covering the world with land/sea. He is als poular among the girls for his looks, but what if he looked like Conway? Would you REALLY still like him? Hm?
So he has upsides and downsides, but he's not the most handsome and amazing character in the Pokemon franchise, and frankly, he has too many female fans.

That's my opinion, what's yours?
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