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If you have the availability, I'd really recommend trying out Poison Heal Gliscor. Turn-by-turn recovery is really useful and frees up a few moveslots, meaning you don't have to run stuff like Roost. It even gets the room to run SD, making your "attack first" option even better. Gliscor also likes to run a bit more defense this gen to shut down everything Fighting-typed.

Gliscor @ Toxic Orb
Nature: Impish (+Def, -SpA)
Ability: Poison Heal (obviously ;o;)
EVs: 252 HP/184 Def/72 Spe
- Swords Dance
- Earthquake
- Ice Fang/Facade
- Taunt/Protect

Ice Fang gives good coverage with EQ and hits Balloon Exca for neutral damage, and then Facade has more base power (though that's sometimes neutralized by the fact that Ice Fang doubles in powah) and 100% accuracy. Taunt lets you stop setups for stuff like Ferrothorn and Protect lets you stall for some extra recovery. Good luck with your team! 8)