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Originally Posted by ~Ryukaa View Post
...Anty. Anty sounds good. xDD;;
Anty. That's a new one. I'll have to add that to the list, next time.
Originally Posted by ~Ryukaa View Post
Anyway, thanks for the multiple welcomes. This must be a pretty big group.
/looks at number of pages
Yep. Pretty big.
About a dozen or so people posting, each quite active.
Originally Posted by Zameric View Post
Not bad, you pulled off a pretty decent Ulquiorra.
You're trademark pokeplushie. Although, it should have been shiny.

The Renji cosplay was the best out of those others.

I bet Smiley is secretly jealous that you got to meet Unohana. :p
Thanks, my sister made the outfit, and she found green eyeshadow that was vibrant enough, so we used that. I just had to frown for it to all fit together.
I think shiny Pokemon plushies are more rare than an actual shiny.

I agree.

XD When I saw the Unohana I was like "Must take a pic for Smile!!"
Originally Posted by -Lapras- View Post
On the topic of Retsu Unohana, what on earth is up with her Shikai? It's like a giant mantaray or something.
We don't actually know that for certain.
I reread the chapter, and the Mantaray could be her shikai, or her bankai, or she might be able to summon her zanpakutou spirit, or something else entirely, we don't know.
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