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Just now.

With the flashing seizure lights.

On this website, no less:

*Mod Edit*

With the subtly seizure-inducing background to enhance the experience.

Now I am shaking and a little, well, disoriented...but at least I can coherently form sentences. That was horrible. Absolutely horrible, and I sat through all of it. I do not recommend this to anybody to watch, unless you are as masochistic as me and have a morbid curiosity like I did.



It had exactly what I thought it was going to have: flashing strobe effects in rainbow colors, and lots of explosions.
It also had a lot of perfect geometric patterns, which I generally find hypnotic by themselves, much less with rhythmic strobing going on.

I cannot believe this was even made! Who thought it would be a good idea to do all that!? Seriously. Do Not Watch It.


No, you know what? I think it's actually funny in a weird way. Because the essence of Polygon could not have been captured in any other way.
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