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Originally Posted by ~Ryukaa View Post
I actually haven't touched the Bleach anime in a while, so no.
How is it? :O
idk. XP I quite like the current filler, though.

Originally Posted by Zameric View Post
I bet Smiley is secretly jealous that you got to meet Unohana. :p
I would, if he met the real Unohana which is unlikely

Originally Posted by -Lapras- View Post
I like Smile!'s answer.

*Glomps* I wouldn't fight her. Ever. :3"
Cause she's just cool that way ^.^

Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
You seem to be a pretty big Unohana fan XD

Originally Posted by -Lapras- View Post

On the topic of Retsu Unohana, what on earth is up with her Shikai? It's like a giant mantaray or something.
Fish cake > Isane.
Yeah, a giant manta ray that can heal people in its stomach.

Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
Yoruichi > Everyone else
You could be friends with MC.
Though, Unohana > Yoruichi any day.

Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
XD When I saw the Unohana I was like "Must take a pic for Smile!!"

We don't actually know that for certain.
I reread the chapter, and the Mantaray could be her shikai, or her bankai, or she might be able to summon her zanpakutou spirit, or something else entirely, we don't know.
Aww thank you XD

I like to think of it as her shikai. She used it too often to be her bankai, but one never know.

Originally Posted by -Lapras- View Post
Wasn't her Zan spirit some random hooded guy?
That's what in the filler, as ILPy said. And plus, that's the humanoid form Minazuki. E.g Renji's zanpakto, Zabimaru is a snake-tailed baboon in the manga but got a human form in the filler as well. I'm guessing the spirit can assume any appearance they want to, or maybe humanoid only if they get out of their zanpakto.