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Originally Posted by jabberjabber8 View Post
I know this thread is not for reviewing tiles but let me start by saying they look great, I especially like the stairs (might use something like that in my hack). My main criticism of the actual map is its to well made. I think you have designed this map well to show off your new tiles but it just does not feel like a forest its not quite random enough (e.g. there is a solid border of tree's down the right side and most of the top and bottom)

My map:
This was the second map I ever made (I think) but I never got round to replacing it... so I just fine tuned it a lot, so do you think its acceptable to go in a hack..?
The building on the left is a Rumble rock (evil team) headquarters witch replace all the gyms in the game, aside from the one in pewter where you first meet your ally brock.
Yes i knw there is a HUGE tile error on the left centre building I need the tiles inserted before i can fix it
Okay, so first things first your tiles are very off-putting. They'd look nice if they had borders, so you should probably add that. I like the entrance to the gym although I see no point in having paths to either sides [of the rocks/flowers] because they lead nowhere. I don't get why there is a row of blocks blocking your way through the only exit in the whole map. It's tacky and highly illogical. At the bottom left hand side of the map the path looks weird. It's weird that the road would curve up just to lead to some random bushes and trees. The whole map looks constricted as you put a lot of blockages. [i.e. the random slew of fences]. This really kills the playability of the map. There are also a few tile errors you should see too. [Namely the fence next to the bottom left house.] The random curvature of the road [near the TRR HQ] doesn't really look too good.
Overall you should fix the road so that it doesn't look as random. The tiles need outlines. The houses could be spread out a little more as they are basically sitting on top of each other. Some more trees wouldn't hurt, nor would using a different grass tile [remember Fire Red has 4 by default iirc, it shouldn't be that hard to mix it up]. Remove some of the unnecessary fences and free up the map for the player to run around in.

Rating: 3/10
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