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    Originally Posted by r0bert View Post
    My map.
    map name: NoName Forest.
    map game: NoName Game.
    Map credits:me,rossay and princelegendario.
    comments:It's a testmap to show off some tiles I made.
    Rating: 6/10
    I won't comment on the tiles, so let's push that aside. For me, the map doesn't look like much of a forest. Forests support a kind of dark and gloomy atmosphere in my opinion; your map doesn't really provide that. The first thing I notice are the lengthy horizontal and vertical mountain sides that run through the map. Mountain shapes should be a little more irregular. And I don't really like the whole bunch of rocks that you've placed near the bottom left of the map. The map provides pretty short routes to a player's destination and most of the portion of the map situated on the right side can't be accessed. The patches of wild grass could've been more scattered. Small and short green paths could've been used. And try block editing to allow more variation in the way you are able to place the trees. Even though it's just a test map, you could've done better.

    Originally Posted by jabberjabber8 View Post
    My map:
    This was the second map I ever made (I think) but I never got round to replacing it... so I just fine tuned it a lot, so do you think its acceptable to go in a hack..?
    The building on the left is a Rumble rock (evil team) headquarters witch replace all the gyms in the game, aside from the one in pewter where you first meet your ally brock.
    Yes i knw there is a HUGE tile error on the left centre building I need the tiles inserted before i can fix it
    Rating: 3/10
    Okay, so, besides the tile error on the stadium-like building, I can spot a few others on the Pokemart and the roof of the gym. There are quite a few tile errors in the mountain portions too. The tree palette doesn't really blend in well with everything else, and it's kind of too dark in my opinion. The base of the tree where the shadow of the tree is supposed to be is lighter than the ground. And also, the house tile you've inserted lacks dark borders? Okay, I thought I'd just point that out, though I'm not really supposed to be commenting on the Palettes and tiles.

    The map itself has quite a few problems too. There's no real distinction between the grassy portion and the rocky portion in some places (For Example; behind the gym). The mountain shape is a little squarish in my opinion; try to make it a little more irregular in places needed. The bottom portion of the mountains near the bottom portion of the map may give you some border difficulties too. The tree placement is pretty bad too. I like the idea of the elevated gym, but the level before it (where you've made three parallel paths), looks distracting. Also, try making breaks when you're using paths, and make the size of the path vary in some places. The placement of the fences is alright, but too many tile errors there too. There is quite a lot of empty space in your map too.

    If it's the second map you've ever made, there's room for improvement. I don't think this map's fit to go into a hack, so try to improve a little more. C:

    Originally Posted by M.L View Post
    ohk now my map it is one of my firsts its a route hack name: none a test map
    Rating: 6/10
    I like the placement of the trees and the grass. I think it would be better if you edited the darker palette of the ground, since it's kind of too visible for my liking, and it spoils the map a little. The mountain shape could've been better, seeing that the sides are almost parallel to each other. You also need to palette edit the outer edge of the paths to make it blend in with the ground. You also could've used more pathways. And the little portion of the map separated by the fence doesn't really go well. The tree placement is pretty good, but the border of the map is square-ish in general. The huge patch in front of the entrance near the bottom doesn't really look too good.