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Originally Posted by OneofFour View Post
Bulk Up Conkelldurr still won't like seeing any bulky ghosts move in (unless you have Payback as well), which look like they'd give this team some trouble. His weaknesses, however, are probably pretty well covered by Hydreigon (which includes the bulky ghost problem, provided it doesn't get T-Waved on a switch).
Bulky Ghosts don't bother Conkeldurr as long has he's got +1 or +2 under his belt already. The Will-o-Wisp they give him just further increases his damage output because of Guts, and Payback smashes every Ghost-type out there. The only precaution I'd have is a Jellicent who can get in on a +0 Roob and Taunt it to prevent it from Bulk Up'ing and Cohag, who if you Payback prematurely (a +2 boost with Guts burn OHKOs it iirc) will give you Mummy and you'll have your attack devastated by the burn. I can't remember if Mummy works when you KO it but I don't think it does.

I'd much rather use Conkeldurr, tbh. :) (psst also no bulky ghosts use t-wave iirc - at least, not the common ones)