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Originally Posted by ~Kian~ View Post
Oh my gosh, This is looking hugely professional.
Beautiful Tiles, I love the battle screens, no more stupid round patch of grass that the Pokemon stands on, I always hated that.
Overall this looks amazing, great story/plot, Love everything you have shown.
Great pixel art and sprites, This is going to be popular, Well done and good luck.
I agree with Aquakip about the starters though.. :)
Thanks! Though I am wondering how sea battlegrounds will work still. But I'm glad you like it. I reckon I will change the starter.

Originally Posted by Poeman View Post

Why are you laughing at me, I can have an opinion, also what does "<33333" mean?

Also in this screen Why is there snow in front of the house? Wouldn't the owner have shoveled it, I mean they shoveled the path TO their house.

And one more thing, the music hardly sounds like anything worth putting in a game, it sounds more like an unfinsihed orchestra piece.
I don't see anything wrong with the screenshot but, okay then.
I also find what you said about the music to be quite insulting. If I could hire a professional musician, then yes, maybe it would be a bit better, but I'm afraid it'll be the best we can do, I'm not sure what you were expecting from a fan game created by someone who simply does it as a hobby.

As for the rest, take it elsewhere, I want this thread to be about the game, and not your vendetta, keep that to yourself.
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