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    As I see from the screenshots that the game is of nice quality. The custom music is awesome, I especially like the Tower Battle theme, but the Forest theme is has a bit of repetition. I also agree with aquakip, a different fighting starter is needed.

    The starters don't have a equal type triangle... Fighting is strong against Dark, Dark is strong against Psychic, Psychic is strong against Fighting, Fighting is weak to Psychic, but Dark is immune to Psychic. I think a different type triangle is in need.

    Fire--> Grass --> Water--> Fire
    This one is crossed for obvious reasons...

    Steel--> Ice--> Ground--> Steel

    Fire--> Ice--> Ground--> Fire

    I feel in love with the battle screen, and the battle background. The cities and routes look amazing and are filled with everything nature gives us. For example the bridge over the beach; the sand and water isn't perfectly lined up with everything else. The rain forest looks great also, but the tree around you don't match the "palm tree" shadows. Also, I'd like to see a 'Features' list just to make things clearer to me and others.

    If You'd like I'd love to beta test, and also if you want a userbar that could fit within the signature requirements please PM me with the following form filled out:
    Other Details:

    The Gym leaders seem to be obvious. Regan, Jack, and Bonnie probably need to be moved around since their types are very simplified and the play may get bored with playing types they already are used to.

    Regan Review:

    Holder of the Focus Badge
    3. Regan (regal), who specializes in Fighting types. A Track and Field superstar with a forceful personality.

    Though Fighting is still similar to Dark and Ghost (as they are related in a type 'circle') I think Regan should be Fighting since she is an 'athlete', and it's a type that the user probably hasn't seen before (in that game).

    Jack Review:

    Holder of the Joker/Poker Badge
    4. Jack (blackjack, or jack as in jacking a car), who specializes in Dark types. He's an expert on poker and only the smart are allowed to battle him.

    I can see where Jack is coming from and a Dark-Type Gym is the only type that hasn't been used in a actual game, So I'm glad you're using it. I deiced that Jack is perfect the way he is, but some background was given to the badge, and the bio. I can already picture him using Pokemon like Sneasel and Honchkrow (as they both are known to be very tricky and intelligent; like poker).

    That concludes my review so far. I'd love to hear back from you any time.

    GO for it.