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Hey umm sorry I kinda died guys. LOL

But hey, I caught up with the Bleach anime in the past few days. Now I can talk about new episodes and stuff! I feel included again. =D

My favorite canon arc is the TBTP arc. Debuted in America this past weekend. =D

Second favorite canon arc is probably a tie between the Soul Society arc (Rukia's rescue arc) and
the one that just finished, the real/fake Karakura town arcs combined... Basically the end of the series prior to the time skip, but after Hueco Mundo.

Favorite non-canon (filler) arc is probably the zanpakuto arcs (both of them combined), for now. Though I have a feeling the current one will overtake it soon...

In other news, I procrastinated homework for nearly a week while I had off, so don't expect to see me again today (May 31, 2011). LOL I'll be busy~

But in completely separate news, I baked cookies. =D