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I have the newer consoles mostly.

PSP 3 of them, two are broken but I still have them somewhere in my closet. The one that works I used as a substitute MP3 player and occasionally play games on it, but that was when Birth By Sleep was new.

Wii Mostly used for Brawl, I play online often so that's my mostly used console when at home.

PS2 Don't use this much anymore, I beat all of the games I had for it, and I moved on to PS3. The only thing it's used for anymore is as a CD/DVD player.

PS3 I use this pretty often for First Person Shooting games and Hyperdimension Neptunia. I've been broke for a while now, so I haven't gotten the chance to get new games for it.

360 Same as PS3, mostly for FPS games.

DS lite/DSi I use my DS Lite more than my DSi because I have an R4, which doesn't work on my DSi. The DSi is used for games that I don't have on my R4, like Pokemon White.

Gamecube lol this piece of junk.

GBA SP I actually use this for my GBA games, even though the DS Lite can still play them. It was my favourite system when I was younger since I loved to play Pokemon and any other games I had for the Game Boy, had a box full of them. Now I mostly use it for Fire Emblem and Pokemon Leaf Green/Sapphire.