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>.> many posts...
I'll start somewhere.

Welcome to the Bleach Fan Club ~Ryukaa! I am the lieutenant of the 12th Squad, Rasencero.

Originally Posted by Zam
I'm guessing your belief that you can beat Byakuya must be based on your zanpakuto's abilities.

Originally Posted by Ilp
Yes we shall

Thanks, my sister made the outfit, and she found green eyeshadow that was vibrant enough, so we used that. I just had to frown for it to all fit together.
I think shiny Pokemon plushies are more rare than an actual shiny.
We have indeed. Renji was the best. Yours wasn't all that bad, but the mask would have finished it.

Eyeshadow? lol What did your sister dress up like?

Originally Posted by Char
On the topic of Zaraki, has anyone seen the previous Zaraki?
I don't remember where though.

Originally Posted by Min
But in completely separate news, I baked cookies. =D
Noooo! Don't lure Ilpy!

Favorite arc:
I quite like the KT/FKT arc, but as filler goes the first half of the zanpakuto rebellion are was awesome. This might get better then that one though. Fullbring arc is getting there.

Today's ep... I think Smile!'s head exploded. Oh wait, there is also an ending with Unohana. Stand back and watch the rest go boom.
It took me this long to realize, but they stole my cloning idea!
Granted, they use modsouls but still...
I get the feeling that kageroza has an army of Reigai captains. That's what I would do.

If the captain commander would ever need to be replaced, I think Unohana is the most capable.