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Thanks for all the comments guys, and I'm afraid I wont be taking beta testers for a while yet. And if you want to make a userbar, just go for it, I don't really have any specifics. However, I do have an update, I have changed one of the starters.


The starters you may choose from are Makuhita the Fighting type, Poochyena the dark type and Chingling the psychic type.
So I feel that the immunity here is not relevant since rivals don't get one the other pokemon.

Swampert ends up with a double weakness to Grass and Empoleon is neutral to Fire, so starters don't always have the same advantages/disadvantages as their counterparts.

I have not yet released the antagonists and their designs, but here's a little work in progress/teaser of their battle music. Still quite a bit to be done.

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