Thread: Development: Wild double / triple battles
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Originally Posted by sonic1 View Post
Are you researching firered? Because that where i have more data uncovered to begin with, so i would like for you to talk in firered's rom.

Anyways, back in my first post in this thread, i named the offset 02022B4C "Battle Flag". Thats because that offset is crucial to every battle: Its there that's set the type of battle before going to the battle loading according to the type.

And i'm sorry, i dont have the knowledge to write gameshark codes

That's fine. And yes, I am doing Fire Red. Oddly, though, I haven't encountered the Safari Zone-type battle yet.

Edit: I think, with this, we could introduce the concept of multi-player Wild Pokemon Battles. I'll need VBA-Link to test this theory though. It would be a unique, but useless feature.
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