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Originally Posted by Pink Typholsion View Post

Laughed at how these guys were trying to get that changed. As I saw it looks like the snow has fell from the roof, and the people in the house haven't noticed yet.

Here's the userbar:

The antagonists battle theme is really good. It sounds complete but I guess it's not long enough. I'm glad you changed the starters, but I don't see Chingling as a good starter. It only learns 7 or 6 moves (counting or not counting Wrap). It also doesn't evolve the same as the other two. You might either need to change Chingling, or change it to a different Pokemon, like Spoink.

Spoink gets a full moveset like the other two, evolves like the two, and also seems to have a 'level' ladder with the other two.

Poochyena evolves level 18 (making the game easier), Makuhita evolves level 24 (making the game moderate), and Spoink would evolve at level 32 (making the game a bit more challenging. Yes or no?
I still don't know why he was saying that there was snow under the doorstep, because there isn't, personally I see no issue in the screen. Anyway.

I'm really glad you like the theme, and it will make a bit more sense when I release the art and concept behind the antagonists. I wish to make the music a beat more up beat in places and more textured.

I appreciate your comments on the starters, but I'll be tweaking the movesets anyway, so that whoever you pick you will learn a lot of moves, along with raised stats. Also Chimecho is my favourite Pokémon so I'm bias XD

Lastly, I thank you so much for the userbar and I'll put it in the main thread! Again, thanks! And thanks for the comments guys.
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