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I-iii r-really like N, but I have to agree with you. There's too many fan-girls!!! Between him and Gary, Pokemon is going become 'Fan-girl Central!!'

N reminds you of Conway? What the..... N reminds me of Wally more then anything! The reason why I like N isn't because his long-flowy-green-hair *drools* Ummm any ways.... I like N because his childish nature. He just makes me wanna hug the poor kid. Yeah his a hypocrite, but so what?! He's was being brainwashed by his own father!

N's name is suppose to be a pun for "END". The world is at the END with N and it's more mysterious. xD
"Deep into that darkness peering,
long I stood there,
wondering, fearing, doubting,
dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before."
--//Edgar Allan Poe
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