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    Thought an update would give you guys something to think about:
    -Used A-Starter to hack in Exeggcute in place of Bulbasaur
    -Went through all of the pre Gym 1 stuff with just Barrage/Uproar, learnt Leech seed just before the gym
    -Defeated Brock via Leech Seed stalling with Hypnosis and Reflect, the odd Barrage if I felt like it
    -Beat all the trainers, struggling through to Mt Moon where I got TM for Bullet Seed, and Kanto learnt Confusion
    -Ripped through Mt Moon with ease
    -OHKOed all pokemon in Cerulean Gym with Bullet Seed, had a slightly harder time with Misty's Starmie - won with 1 HP! (confusion is a PAIN)
    -Kicked gary's ass, again
    -Cerulean Cape and All trainers around vermillion City/SS Anne: DEFEATED (including Gary)
    -Ran through Gym with Confusion OHKOing every pokemon
    -Caught CUT the Sandshrew
    -Stocked up on repels, antidotes, paralyz heals etc and made my way to rock tunnel.
    -LIBERAL use of repels got me through easily without flash HM
    -Defeated gary in Pokemon Tower, and saved there.

    KANTO the Exeggcute @ No Item
    Female, Mild
    Bullet Seed
    Secret Power
    Leech Seed
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