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Everyone can you please read this - link - Thanks!

Hello everyone! I'm GSH and this is my first app.

Okay, so basically its a program to be used along side Sappy, the horrible, buggy program that most, if not, all hackers (er hem) hate. Hate alot (well i do anyway).
It's soul purpose is to insert songs, and is NOT a full replacement for Sappy.

For now, its almost complete and is about 80 - 90% complete, but before you press back on your browser, i've released a few preview releases (attached at the end of the thread), un-fully functional versions of it.






DOWNLOAD (Preview release - 01/06/2011): link!
DOWNLOAD (Preview release - 05/06/2011): link!
DOWNLOAD (Preview Release - 08/06/2011): link!

Support Banners

Well, thats it. Comment, rate, whatever..

Thanks, GSH.
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