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Let's look at this from a different perspective; N is both a rival (to a degree) and the 'leader' of the Regions' criminal organisation.

As a rival, N is pretty weak, until later in the story, but by then, he's pretty much listed under the 'bad guy' category-- though in terms of how the story flows, he still holds you as a rival, as conversations with him tend to stem towards him feeling that your character is a chosen one. He's not all that much of a rival, as all he really wants is to see what kind of Trainer you are, and how you treat your Pokemon.

The world as it is has surprised him, as his past was not so clear-cut because of the influence that Ghetsis put over him, only allowing him to be around Pokemon that had been abused by their Trainers and such, leading him down a road that made him believe that all Trainers and by extension, people were the same. In his eyes, Pokemon would only truly be happy when away from people, though as the story progresses, N shows hints that it would pain him when the time came that he called for all people to separate themselves from their Pokemon, with the Legendary Pokemon Reshiram/Zekrom at his side.

As a villain, he... doesn't really sit very high, either. Frankly, he's simply a misguided boy who was brought up by Ghetsis to believe that all Pokemon caught by people were mistreated and beaten, all in a plot that would give Ghetsis the chance to declare himself the master of Pokemon-- as no one else would have Pokemon of their own. In the end, N was used by his own father and Team Plasma to gain the kind of influence they wanted over people to force them to part ways with their, in some cases, long-loved Pokemon. Not for the ideals that N followed, but for the plan that Ghetsis had obviously spent years preparing, raising his son so that he would one day liberate Pokemon from their Trainers so that he could be the master of them all.

I would say N is an interesting character for the way he acts; though he sees how people truly are with Pokemon, he still seems to have seen too much abuse for it to sway his emotions and his determination. Though I don't really agree with how he plans to go about it, it's obvious that he only has the best interests at heart for protecting Pokemon from the abuse that his Pokemon friends from when he was a small child had endured. He has an air of mystery about him that is never really cleared up-- in particular with his ability to talk to Pokemon, which I would say gave him a rather interesting quality.

So... as a character, I would say I liked N. It was always interesting to see what he would come out with when you met him throughout your journey and it was interesting to see his plans almost meet fruition. Sure, Team Galaxy almost got what they wanted, but it was a selfish end; N's plan was something that was not a selfish act, and I guess that's what really makes me like him.

...even if his plan would have been followed by the selfish act of his father.

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