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This is the best way to compare them:


+Massive, 3 Theater World (Although crippled by small # of provinces)
+Many different nations to choose from (Sharing the same bland, cookie cutter format albeit)
+Fire by Rank
+Open Ended Campaign

-AI (Campaign and Battle)
-Bugs (Half finished on release and I'm being kind)
-Same units for each army mostly
-Same ships for each navy
-Doesn't feel polished (Wonder why)


+Better AI
+More army differentiation
+Attrition and Supply System
+More, smaller regions
+Better art design (completely subjective, but the 'portraits' in ETW were horrible)
+Physically larger campaign map
+Enhanced GFX engine

-Smaller scope
-Cost high for what is essentially a glorified expansion
-little, if any integration or enhancement with/for its parent game, ETW
-Only 4 nations to choose from in GC
-was developed and released during a time when CA should have been focusing all its energy on repairing and upgrading Empire
Hope this helps.
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