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Wow! That's great! Thanks a bunch PlatinumDude!
I really appreciate the advice.

I agree with the changes you've recommended for my team, after seeing what someone qualified would do, it makes much more sense.
I especially like your recommendation for Spiritomb and Drapion.

Rest/SleepTalk would be a much more strategic and reliable method to work Spiritomb. And Taunt/Whirlwind would be perfect for how I want my Drapion to be.

I did the best I could, you know? And getting back this advise is just.. so reassuring.
Thanks for the input!

Originally Posted by Vrai View Post
I guess this comes with the fact that this is a Dark-monotype team and issues like this will happen but you are incredibly weak to Conkeldurr. There's not a whole lot you can do to check it while simultaneously running a Dark-type (because he beats out literally every Dark-type pretty much :/) but what you can do is try a Curse/Rest/Sleep Talk/STAB set on Spiritomb so Conkeldurr gets put on a timer. You could also try Extrasensory Zoroark, baiting it into using Payback (disguise as Spiritomb!) and smash it before it gets the opportunity to Mach Punch you (it won't since it'll think you're a Ghost-type).

Also, don't run DD Tyranitar. There's not much that it accomplishes compared to other DD users and it's much more effective as a bulky Mixed attacker, being able to absorb random special hits, etc. Plus, it gets smashed by EQ and Fighting-type moves, both of which are really common. And even at +1, it still misses out on quite a few Pokemon.

Ooohh.. Okay. That's funny, cause I actually did train a Zoroark with Extrasensory to couple with my Spiritomb, but I ended up trading Extrasensory for U-Turn. I'll be sure to educate myself on this. I like how everyone here has such a great sense for making a team with true unity. Maybe Zoroark will help me with that?

I know.. Conkledurr... But, there are threats to any team, Monotype or not. It just so happens that my major threat is very popular. I'll just have to work hard at this if I ever expect to get through that incredible beast.

I want DD on my Tyranitar so bad, just because it sounds so good..But that's no reason to basically waste a perfectly good Tyranitar, especially if I want to win. A bulky mixer would serve my purpose better and give me way more variety. I agree with you, before I start being "unique and special" I should gain a basic understand of, well.. the basics.

Everyone's advise is just so great (and super nice, in case you were concerned about that for any reason). My team makes a lot more sense when I read over it now with everybody's input. I think the best this I can do for myself now is alter my team to fit the strategies that everyone has recommended and go out there to get some real experience. I'm nervous, so wish me luck!

Am I allowed to post a re-vamped team as a new thread once I've made the right adjustments? Or should I just post it here again?

Thanks a whole bunch Vrai!