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    More battle analysis!

    Aha, Yukio only gives the chairs when Orihime wants out XD.

    Aha, silly Orihime.

    Looks like Riruka simply doesn't know how to handle info like that. She probably would feel too awkward trying to sympathise with her, so she acts like that instead.

    Woah, slashed his eyes. I wonder how much he can see, now?

    Originally Posted by -Lapras- View Post
    Do you guys know the basic anime production process? I'll write a quick paragraph or two for those of you who aren't too sure about it.

    Pre Production
    >The storyboard is created either by the director or a person specifically hired to create it. For a series like Bleach it would involve interpreting and Kubo's manga chapters into episode long pieces to the best of their ability.
    >Script is written by a script writer, again using the manga as a guideline.

    Character Design
    >Ok, they have the basics from the manga but that's not enough for the animation team in the next step. The job of the character designer is to draw the characters from multiple angles, in different poses, wearing different things and with different facial expressions. The reason for this is so the animators don't have lots of reference material and they all keep uniform.

    Imagine a team whole team of people all drawing their own version of Ichigo and just having to hope it all fits together later on?

    Video/animation production
    >Using the storyboard the head animator will draw up the key frames, a key frame usually sits at the beginning and end of a big movement (sword swinging down or a punch being thrown ect). These all used to be done by hand but computers are the norm now.
    >After the key frames have been done the in-between frames are drawn by a team of multiple animators. Although these are important they are less dificult to do as there isn't a lot of thinking involved, just drawing loads of frames slightly different from the last one. This process can be shortened by computer software but some teams still prefer to do it by hand (well, if drawing on a pc is classed as by hand anyway).
    >When all of the frames are done they're sent to a stylist.. This person or people do the colouring and shadowing for the show.
    >after it's coloured the SFX team take over, they draw in new new things and add computer effects. With Bleach this would be stuff like sparks from blades crashing, the spiritual pressure, dust and in the latest arc the Reigai have the eyes glowing.
    >finally they go to the editor who puts it all together with the help of the director, here they change the pacing and make sure the flow of the show is going well.

    Some long running anime have lots of different animation teams who have their own styles and traits. There's a well known team in One Piece that sacrifice detail but give a much more flowing animation quality. It's all about balancing their time as they are against the clock after all.

    >Unlike American animation the mouths are animated before the seiyuu even see it, basically they say the words whilst the mouth is moving and pause while it stops.
    >Sound director then adds music and sound effects to set the tone of the series.

    Just realised, for the filler arcs the director will either write or hire a person to write a new scenario which will later be turned onto a storyboard.

    Ok, i rambled a bit there, hope it helped though.
    Wow, it's really cool to know that. I'll see how much I can remember of that, or if I remember that the info is here, when/if I need to tell someone about it.
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    ...Did you just disagree with yourself? XDD
    I thought Charizard was was disagreeing with my idea.
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