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    This game is a Pokémon game sort of. It's pokémon based but is final fantasy styled I think.

    Welcome to the parralell dimension of Pokemon.
    A place where no pokémon can be trusted. A place technology was never invented and
    where people live healthy and peacefully.
    Or so it seems.

    One morning the local 'protection group' of Kratus (containing only Rogu and Alexx) heard of
    local theives being in the fields due north of their settlement.
    After checking it out they save a kind old man making his way to Paisona the next village north
    and tells our heroes that he'll send a letter their way if he is in more trouble.

    After doing more tasks a mysterious man settles into town. His clothes are some what different and he
    has many things not of this world. The heroes investigate this man and find he is no threat. Then a letter from the man comes.
    But this is not a good letter the man says about an illness in Paisona which makes people have very high temperture fevers. The local village doctor offers to go investigate. Then after 3 more days the doctor has sent a letter saying he has turned ill and that he discovered that after 3 days the ill person turns into a pokémon.

    The two heroes embark on a quest to save their world but can they do it without catching this illness?

    Screenshots: (warning very big!)


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