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the infraction pm didn't tell you to take the infraction here. it told you that if you have any questions about the infraction system (points, how many infractions one can get, what an infraction is, etc.) to come here. naturally when someone gets a pm of an infraction they don't agree with, they dispute it. common sense tells you to reply to the pm, because the person who sent the pm (automatically) was the person who infracted you. but clearly you don't care about it being public, so neither do i...

you were infracted for harassing members and staff members about something that happened on another forum.
a. we don't have anything to do with it.
b. i personally don't like the fact that all of your vms are in relation to what happened on another forum with all of them asking you to shut up about the matter and leave them alone.
c. we don't care about whatever happened with you and another forum.
d. you need to learn the definition of harass.

harass |həˈras; ˈharəs|
verb [ trans. ]
subject to aggressive pressure or intimidation : a warning to men harassing girls at work.
• make repeated small-scale attacks on (an enemy) : the squadron's task was to harass the retreating enemy forces.
• [as adj. ] ( harassed) feeling or looking strained by having too many demands made on one.

let's face the facts. the only reason you joined our forum is because you found one of the sppf staff through a google search or something, and wanted them to hear you out over something that they don't have any power over. every single thread you've been involved in, you've mentioned the matter. every single vm you have is related to the matter. you've been asked to stop talking about it by a lot of people, including staff members who told you to stop talking about it. in fact, i alone asked you to stop three times, and told you to stop twice.

you can harass someone while being civil. sure, you may not intended to do so, but you did, and that's all that matters. it's bothering the staff, and it's pissing the members you bother off. that being said, the infraction stands and it will not be removed or revoked just because you don't agree with it. most people who get infracted don't like the fact they got infracted, and feel the need to dispute it. hardly ever is it actually "unjust" and given the fact that there's so much proof that people asked you to stop bothering them on your profile and other threads, it isn't unjust.

as stated earlier, this thread isn't for that, so don't reply to this with an argument and "your side" like you do with everyone else. if you need to continue this, take it to a pm.
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