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Originally Posted by feralig8rx View Post
Wow, thanks so much! You don't even understand how much that helped haha.

I've literally spent the past 5 days researching online and there's been 0 guides that I've found that have actually explained team building to me in a way I actually understood. FINALLY I have an idea on where to go with this team!

I will definitely go make some changes with Machamp. I will definitely repost once I figure out exactly what I want to do with this team.

I REALLY REALLY appreciate your help. All the replies I got today were 2 line answers saying "lolwut are you doing. Don't do that." or like "wrong nature choose other items l2playn00b". Those aren't helpful. You actually gave me a significant push in the right direction, so thank you ^.^
No problem, haha. The only other thing I forgot to mention was about natures; generally, when you're dealing with non-mixed attackers, you'll want to have a nature that puts the negative stat in the attack stat you're not using. That was kinda long-winded so example: Machamp, like before, should use physical attacks. If you want to use a +Atk nature, you should use the +Atk, -SpA nature (Adamant) so that you can reduce a stat that you don't use at all instead of impairing his defenses and/or speed. Similarly, a fast, specially based Pokemon such as Azelf would like to use a +Spe, -Atk nature (Timid) because it won't ever use its attack stat.

A lot of learning about this comes with experience; it's really hard to get into without being guided in the right direction to start with. When you do get that set/whatever else figured out, do update! :)