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    I love the brick tiles. It reminds me of those old brick roads in my hometown. One thing I see is that in front of the door is grass, not brick. Great work on the Pokemon Center, this is building has brick in front of the door so it's fine. Lots of shade for a building not to tall.

    The Music

    The music seems just fine to me. If you speed it up it will only make the music worse, IMO. Great tune, I will probably be listening to this when I battle online/Wi-Fi.

    And lastly I wanted to talk about the first demo. Well I do intend on doing all I can to finish this game, and that is my set goal. Very few developers have ever done this. At any rate, we're hoping to release a demo this summer. Not putting a deadline on it, but that's what I aim for. I am more than half way there. And that's only because I have exams, and had school and little time. What needs to be done is one or two maps, then some indoors, a few sprites and a little eventing and scripting. So do you guys think I should release demos or simply wait for the finished product? I would be doing a demo for every 2nd leader battle. So 3 in total, then the finished game.
    I think if you demos it'll put less time off your back, and have some time to lay off until you start working on the next. Plus I really want to play this game so... If you did start working til the Final Product... One, I'll be very, very sad, two, put more time on your hands, and three make others wait.
    I'll be glad to help if you need anything.

    I will be participating in this competition. One question, animation is allowed or not allowed?