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    Originally Posted by Poeman View Post
    Alright since in mamby pamby land we can't give criticism, and I can't talk about how much I LIKE the game, I have no choice but to not give feedback.

    Can I be on the team? I have experience with networking, scripting, C#(I could make DLLs to further expand upon the game's features) Hell, I'm so qualified that if you don't take me it would only be out of vendetta, as you say yourself!
    I smell jealousy

    The game itself is better than most of everything on this section, who are you to judge.

    I'd be surprised if your 'experience' would be any useful with RMXP, as it is just a walk in the park.

    OT: Good luck with this, it looks very nice. Especially as you're doing this for a hobby. I however think the starter Pokemon is a bit dull, but it can be something I can get used to. :p
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