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Is this a private party or can anyone join? I don't know if I'd be very active, but I'd like to be.

What got you into supporting gay rights? Who/What was your inspiration to do so? Have you come out of the closet? If so, and if you feel comfortable enough here in this safe space, share your coming out story with us. How did your parents/friends take it? Describe the scenario.

Just gonna mix the questions together in one tl;dr answer. My story is that I was always a quiet boy, a boy because when I was really young I didn't think you could be anything but what you looked like and what people treated you as, and quiet because I didn't always feel comfortable doing things with other boys so I kept to myself a lot. So, yeah, I'm transgendered, although I'm not totally keen on using labels because I don't fall totally within the bounds of what that typically means since I'm also bisexual in the sense that I've been attracted to guys and girls, but I'm also not bisexual because I'm not generally attracted to the male or female body specifically. I'm also not completely sure I want to have surgery either. I'm actually fairly certain I don't want to.

I guess I got into the whole community/rights thing in high school. Before that I was just trying my best to keep people from pushing me to do boy things so I put on the guise, did a few token things here and there so no one would worry too much, and just didn't think too much about anything. Then I had this one teacher who was totally outside of what you expect from teachers, trying to get us to think and care about things in the world. That's kind of where I got into supporting people, standing up for rights, and all that. It wasn't really about gay rights per se, but it turned out that one of the first friends I made in high school (and you have to understand that until HS I had, like, 2 friends and they were both Mormon, so yeah) came out to me and eventually I got into the GSA and got to meet all the other queer kids who were out. I suppose it was all of them, my teacher included, who were my inspiration.

I guess I came out, sort of, at homecoming where I was on the GSA's float and I wore a dress in public for the first time. That whole night turned out badly and I went back into hiding, letting everyone assume I was just a troublemaker, until after high school. Even then I've been mostly quiet about it, or at least low key. I don't often wear skirts or dresses or anything that's not 'gender neutral' because I don't feel I *need* to prove my identity to people, but also because I'm still scared of loosing my job, some of my friends, and generally having bad reactions. I know, stupid, but hey, that's where I am. Still, I'm pushing the limits of how a 'guy' is supposed to look and act anyway and even little things like that make me happy.

Oh, that wasn't as long as I thought it would be. lol