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    Originally Posted by twistedpuppy View Post

    Have you ever been "gay bashed" or know anybody that has? What tips would you give to others to avoid that or to defend yourself.

    I've never been gay bashed, but I do know someone who has. A friend of mine was coming back home after a book signing with his boyfriend. They stopped at gas station to refuel & while they were there they noticed a group of men giving them strange looks. My friend Larry knew something was wrong & immediately told his boyfriend to get back in the car. Before Larry could get back in the car & drive away, the group of me ran over & started beating him. The police were called, but the men had left the scene before they could arrive. Larry had suffered some serious head injuries. It was so bad that he had learn how to walk & talk all over again. He was like a blank slate. He's fine now, but there are still a few things he doesn't remember. He does carry a firearm with him at all times because of this incident.
    That is absolutely terrible what happened to your friend Larry. I would not wish that upon anyone. I'm glad to hear he is fine now but it is quite scarey to think it happened in the first place.