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Working on a tool.
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SkyDock helps you backup your ROM, dock your tools and perform ROM management, among other organisational functions.

SkyDock is an organisation tool. It doesn’t modify your ROM directly in any way. Instead, it helps you organise your hack, leaving you free to do the hacking. Among SkyDock’s many features, includes the abilities to back up your project at the click of the button, and restore your project to a previous backup as easily. SkyDock’s other main feature is the ability to dock tools of your choice in an easy-to-use tools panel, so that you can access them at a later stage just by clicking on the icon.

I have been working on this tool for some time now, and it’s coming along quite nicely so far. I will keep this thread updated with its current progress, so check the thread for updates. I will update the progress in the features section so that you can see exactly how far I am.

SkyDock is programmed in C/C++ and will use GTK+ for the interface. It will be programmed to be as OS independent as possible. I might add a plug-in system so that other applications can communicate with SkyDock, allowing them to store files in your projects, add entries to the free-space log, etc.

  • Backup your Hack
    Quickly create a patch that acts as a backup in one click.
  • Restore your hack to a previous backup in seconds
    Restore your hack to a previous patch backup in seconds with the help of a handy calendar interface
  • Store all the files you need for your hack in one project file
    No more cluttered folders! Store all the files SkyDock needs in one archive file
  • Export your project file to external media with ease
    SkyDock recognises external media. Plug in your flash drive or similar object and export your project file to it in seconds
  • Dock all your tools into one tools panel
    Keep all your tools in one place! Make them automatically open your ROM with the automatic parameter passing feature!
  • Acts as an all-in-one patcher. (50% complete)
    SkyDock will automatically associate *.ips, *.aps, *.ups and *.cps with itself. Simply double click on a patch file and select a file to patch and SkyDock does the rest!
  • Built in free-space finder and free-space manager
    SkyDock allows you to quickly search for free space, as well as keeping track of all the space you've used
If you have any more ideas for features, feel free to suggest some by posting in the thread!

None yet. Stay tuned!

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