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    Originally Posted by D. Lawride View Post
    I gotta say, the story does sound pretty interesting, even though, you only approached some points of it. :3

    You could try adding in some more sections, such as Features (which isn't necessarily an xpto device the player has) or even some details about where the story is set.

    I'll be following if this develops! :D
    I'm adding a Feature list ... when i have a decent amount of features. xD
    and i'm using Rpgmaker 2003 not Xp -.- I should of added a prefix!

    Yay some-one be stalkin meh! :3
    Also: I'm almost done with the bandit scene in the story:

    Bote: Everything in the Battle scene is not final like the back sprites and the fact that the rockets are the wrong way :/
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