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    New pokemon mmo based on the PokeNet source, coded in java, still a bit buggy but thats what beta testing is for rite?

    forum: -LINK REMOVED-

    Key features:
    • PvP
    • Trading
    • Weather
    • Day/Night Spawns
    • Trainer Level
    • Fish Level
    • Breeding Level
    • Coordinating Level
    • /playercount command

    Things to know:
    HM's aren't implemented, because i don't like the fact that you have to remove a pokemons move just to cut a tree down. Instead if your trainer level is high enough, you can use the HM's without learning them.
    • Cut - Trainer Level 15
    • Rocksmash - Trainer Level 30
    • Strength - Trainer Level 35
    • Whirlpool - Trainer Level 40
    • Headbutt - Trainer Level 0

    I also edited the rods to be usable only when your fishing level is high enough.
    • Old Rod - Fishing Level 0
    • Good Rod - Fishing Level 15
    • Great Rod - Fishing Level 50
    • Ultra Rod - Fishing Level 70

    To play:
    Go to the website and download the clients .zip
    Extract the zip where ever you would like.
    Then launch the pocket-monsuta.exe
    Click start
    Click register
    Then login

    Your site registration is separate from your client registration due to a special password encryption built into the client that php files cant read.

    The website is still under development just like the server so stick with us.

    We will also be looking for staff members that will probably be selected from the beta testers but i wont post in here looking for team members, if you are interested, play the game and be active on our forums.

    We hope soon to have custom maps (we already have a map editor) and custom spawns, with some custom pokemon (sprite wise).

    Come join our server and be the best pokemon trainer there is!

    [This server is hosted on my machine so it might be a little bit laggy at times, we are working on getting onto a dedi.]

    Screen Shots:

    Quick Game Play video:

    The 'lag' in the walk is actually the screen recorder, sorry.

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    Since this is an mmo and has no real plot or anything please pm me if this doesnt comply with the rules and how i should change it. Thanks.