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    Originally Posted by Squaredancer View Post
    Does anyone know what to do when you get to grometch(I don't know the right spelling) city-the desert one. I go to the gym and a guy says go to mine. The mine guy says go to the museum and the museum guy says I need a ticket!? I've been trying to figure this out for like 3 hours at least. I even went all the way through Mt. Zheri and I just found Steven and someone else battling at the end and when I passed them nothing happened and I got to a deadend where I needEd surf? Thanks to anyone who can help.
    I have this exact same problem. Tried going in and out multiple times but still doesn't work. Steven doesn't react at all when I pass him in the cave.

    Also, I taught my Heracross the TM Rock Climb but it doesn't work or even show up on the Pokemon screen as a usable move outside of battle.

    The Groment problem is kinda bugging me now since I absolutely cannot find a way around it.
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