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    Originally Posted by Cilerba View Post
    I was actually looking forward to this until I saw the screens, man. It's not a revamp if you're just adding shading to the sprites.
    Try changing the whole style of the game, and fix up your maps, they're too empty.
    I am sorry i forgot to mention all of 'em are WIP's. Here's Pallet town.

    Screenshot took at 6:00am *yawn*
    Note: FireRed Tiles are Place holders
    Originally Posted by zingzags View Post
    I am with Cilerba on this, I actually anticipated like 4th/5th gen style graphics with better game mechanics than y/b/r.
    um... so should i recolor pallet town or just recolor the progressing part with the HG/SS Pallet?

    Please reply.
    Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
    I must agree with the two comment above.
    This was a bit dissapionting.
    I was expecting B/W or at least a HG/SS Styled re-make.
    As for the map I see it's pallet town but you've re-mapped it wrong.

    The house's of both the player and here rival are not in the top two corners
    there's room to go beside and behind the homes.
    and as for the red front sprite. You shouldn't use it unless you know whom made it and they have given you permission.
    Thx for telling about the maps and i dint use the sprite yet
    i am sorry i forgot to mention all those were place holders,
    and about Pewter city's house it was made with HGSS pallet (the doors and windows got used with FRLG pallet sorry if its bad to mix 'em)
    Also the Lapras and Snorlax they were recolored & reshaped with the HGSS pallet

    Reds Front sprite belongs to ~Light-PA
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