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    Originally Posted by ChillinInYoCloset View Post
    I was playing and really enjoying the game and then I tried talking to a guy on Genesis Road and this happened. I don't know if it was the hack or the Rom I got.
    Originally Posted by regimeen View Post
    yeah same here, it just crashed on me
    Yes, I'm aware of this error and a plethora of others. How embarrassing. I'll see about releasing a quick fix until I get a proper release ready which shouldn't that much longer.

    To Do:
    Currently In Progress; Done
    • Edit movesets
    • Insert Trainer Sprites
    • Restore OW's
    • Restore World Map
    • Insert remaining ASM Routines
    • Restore Maps
    • Rescript up to Emerald Town

    *When every thing on this list is done I will release a proper beta*

    Edit: We won HotM! I wanna thank everyone for voting for us =] There will definitely be something in the next release to commemorate this event.
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