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Originally Posted by Neo-Spriteman View Post
The above people mean that they wished to see a B/W style game, not a gen III styled one.

If you wish, I can PM you my private B/W tileset.
P.S. Please don't ask for it, everyone else.
uh?? this is meant to be revamp version of Red version or do you mean i should
revamp with B/W pallet?
well i have this idea of revamping the beta 1 with Fire Red's pallet and then i will again revamp them with HGSS/B/W Pallet for
Beta 2.
and thx, i will PM you when i will be revamping these tiles again with b/w and hgss pallet.
(because i have some problems with my RPGMXP)

Originally Posted by Nintendork15 View Post
that new screenshot looks alot better :')
It's more like the pallet town map rather than houses shoved in corners!

And I will say now!
I love those revamped overworlds <3
i am happy that u like 'em.
heres a clear version:

Update :3

Its not a map LOL
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