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Signups are now closed, distribution will begin on the 19th so just PM me for a time for the distribution.

After distribution you will have one week to train the two pokemon. On that date, I will post the brackets and we will begin the tournament. I expect that you will not continue to train your pokemon after the week is up, but that is on you to stop from doing such.

1) I supply two untouched, newly captured Pokemon to you and you will have a week to train them. You may only use these two Pokemon.

2) Legendary Pokemon will not be given out, but some Pokemon may have higher levels than others. Only Pokemon in the Black and White PokeDex will be given out.

3) Hacks will not be tolerated. Any Pokemon that has been found to be hacked will result in expulsion from this tournament and auto-win to your opponent. This includes teaching a Pokemon a move not in its move pool, giving "uber stats" to a Pokemon, and any other hack that would give you an unnatural upper hand in battle.

4) Matches will be best two out of three.

5) Seeds in the tournament run out at eight, no others will be accepted.

6) Match-ups are determined via brackets

1) Cartercr (1463 6132 2390)
2) Nakuzami (0690 4581 3571)
3) APokemonTrainer (1807 1571 5764)
4) Brewds567 (0475 7098 8523)
5) GingerTom (1506 4971 9801)
6) Genshu (4555 9572 3227)
7) Unknown Entity (3267 4361 5631)
8) TheFuturePokemon (4599 0089 1247)

I only made one change and that is to drop the number of entries. As soon as I get enough people, i'll start distributing.
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