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    Originally Posted by PkMnTrainer Yellow View Post
    Well, N is the first villain that reaches the level of depth he does. Team Rocket isn't that deep. Team Aqua/Magma isn't even that deep. Basically, his character design is a first that a lot of people really enjoyed seeing in a pokemon game, me included.
    Precisely. Although it's true that, yes, you can seldom say anything back to him to influence his thinking (yep, saw that one, Forever), that is actually exceedingly rare in video games anyway; it's true that video games' narrative should be truly interactive every step of the way, and it can work to tremendous effect, but I'll say that with N they've done the next best thing, which is to put you, the player, into a situation where you are clearly a factor, but where you have little power to change things beyond those which the gameplay offers you.

    I'll be the first to admit that I was role-playing my own responses to N's confused outbursts. It was a little frustrating not being able to convey them. But would I rather have a game where I can convince him of his errors, and thwart Ghetsis' plan in a moment? Of course not. I would rather play the game, and allow the narrative to raise the tension; much better than driving the narrative into avoiding a climax!

    See: railroading vs derailing. Some people don't like to be railed and will de-rail an RPG as soon as they can find some leverage. Some people don't like to be de-railed because it ruins their hope for an epic plot.

    For those who don't mind being railed in exchange for an engaging (by video game standards) character-driven story, N represents a good deal.
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