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    I kinda already knew how stuff like this was made. But for tv series an cartoons. Makes sense that its the same for anime.

    Originally Posted by Minchan
    But in completely separate news, I baked cookies. =D
    Originally Posted by Ilpy
    "A wild Ilpy appeared!
    Minchan threw a rock.
    The wild Ilpy became angry!
    It used Bite!
    Minchan lost her dress!
    The wild Ilpy tore it up with Hyperbeam!
    Minchan crept closer.
    The wild Ilpy is watching carefully.
    Minchan threw bait.
    The wild Ilpy is eating the cookies!
    Minchan threw a safari ball!
    . .. ...
    Congratulations! You caught an Ilpy!
    Your Ilpy has been send to Kubo's Pc."

    Originally Posted by MC
    Did I miss anything?
    Not much and quite a bit.
    Nothing special, but we had some new topics yes without you and some new discussions about the previous kenpachi.
    And Ilpy used eyeliner dressed up like Ulqiuorra.

    Use fonts that humans can read!


    RurikaxIchigoxInoue. In that order. If you change that order Rurika will fight with Inoue and afterwards will make her feel guilty.
    She totally brought those donuts for Inoue. I have the feeling that Riruka become more polite and such just for Ichigo and be better than Inoue. Lol at Yukio. XD
    Ginjou so has alterior motives. Ichigo doesn't trust him... Hmmmm... could it be more obvious?
    Plot twist were Ginjou and Tsukishima work together/Tsukshima is good/ Ginjou betrays people/both are evil....
    Or neither. Still, something is up.

    Character development chps. has been nice. Time for some action/plot development. This training has been going on long enough. Need timeskip or Deus Ex!

    *Creates new head for smile!*
    With the compliments of squad 12. This one has a fail safe for Unohana-ness. Enjoy.
    Btw, I got you free SciFi on it. I will not use the new name dammit!