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Originally Posted by ProdigyX View Post
Sorry if you have answered this.. just to tired to read everything atm.. but is this music made on ACID PRO??
I compose music on musescore, which is just a program where you simply have a sheet to input music, then eventually put it all into synthfont to apply the instruments sounds.

Originally Posted by ЩѻƦḽᶑʂḽдƴƹƦ™ View Post
One thing I have been wondering. Why are the shadows of your buildings right below the building? Rather then below and to the left?

Your lighting effects show light coming from the top right of the screen, but your building shadows do not reflect that. I was just curious if there was a reason for it or not.
It's temporary for the moment, as I'll be scripting moving shadows for buildings depending on the time of day.

Also guys, expect an update on the antagonist design and some new music today. I have some things ready, but I'm just hoping I can get some more things together. So you can look forward to that.
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