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Note: We as a team still have a lot to be done. I still need to start to program the actual game, but first we need to finish all storyboards and tilesets before we may continue. I am almost finished with the storyline and tilesets so programming will begin soon :D

Expect this to be updated with more trainer sprites and more Pokemon sprites as production continues. Note me on Deviant Art or email me if you want to help us.

Alright so back to the storyline, theres a lot here that I haven't talked about that happens. It's a complex story that really forces you to pay attention to details. Things I forgot to include (sorry for spoilers, but here's your objective):

It is said that the Shades first originated in the 1800s. At this time, the world was in the middle of a massive industrial revolution. The Order was founded by a group of scholars with good ambitions to find and protect legendary pokemon. They cataloged traits and patterns of these pokemon (which were future used in modern pokedex entries) and passed them down. As the order grew, time passed. The scholars passed down the rights of the Order down to their children and them to their children and so on. As time passed the group became only interested in their own greed and so evolved into a syndicate that managed organized crime. For years they conducted research and grew members until they decided they realized the stunning power of these legendary pokemon.

The group started to breed and enslave pokemon and sold them on the black market. Still an underground group, the government paid little to no attention to this ever growing threat. Little did they know, but the group was no over 500,000 members strong by the 1900s and was still growing at an escalating rate. In the year 1937, however, the government started cracking down on the group even more. Now the group was on the decline with membership numbers, but was growing even more desperate and violent. They wanted a new world order, feeling betrayed by their governments. A world order that could only be created by uniting the ancient gems together and creating the Citrine Crown, an artifact that would let them open the door to the Citrine Hallow.

To accomplish this goal, they would need a new leader to lead them to this goal. They searched hard to find this leader, but couldn’t find him. They searched all of Lennetto, growing bigger and bigger. But none of the new guys could help them achieve their goal. Finally, in 1876, they found their king in Obadiah Vain.

Obadiah grew up in a small beach side town that began as a sea side colony used for traders. This town later became known as Windleaf Town. Obadiah grew up here and learned about pokemon with his friends Leonus Cypress and Katherine Feywood. Each of the three where given a rare pokemon from a traveler who was walking through the town one day. Obadiah received a Pirotter, Leonus received a Shepleaf, and Katherine received a Moltra. They set out and discovered much of Lennetto, including many of the ancient ruins of a civilization before them. These ruins started the story of the Hallow. The three trainers gained much fame from their explorations.

On their explorations, the three trainers had many adventures, growing with their pokemon. But one day, in a ruin near their home, they met a pokemon that told them about a group of pokemon locked away for their heinous crimes. The pokemon tested them in a battle and gave them a quest to defeat these pokemon. The three trainers became immortal until the quest was complete. To do so, they would need to find the 7 pieces of the puzzle, the Gems of the Hallow. Each gem had a pokemon entrusted by Arceus to defend the gems and to only yield to those who defeat them in battle. The gems and their guardians are as follows (in order of when obtained by the main character):
-The Forest Emerald, guarded by Demevest
-The Swamp Agate, guarded by Artura
-The Ancient Mica, guarded by Amordite
-The Shockwave Diamond, guarded by Aeromes
-The Storm Sapphire, guarded by Stormeidon
-The Volcano Ruby, guarded by Hesphorge
-The Shadow Amethyst, guarded by Harchaes

Leonus, Obadiah, and Katherine split up and travel the world. Obadiah meets a mysterious group of people in one of his journeys and joins them. He quickly rises through the ranks, learning about the master plan they have in store for the future. He quickly rises through the ranks and levels of the Knights system, until he became king. He leads them for many years, plotting to open up the Citrine Hallows and use the powers for himself.

Leonus became a professor and met Professor Oak and together they invented the pokedex. Leonus continued to search for the gems, but also hunted for rare pokemon. In his quest, he managed to catch over 300 species of pokemon. Eventually, he built a lab and started a school for the traders who started to live in the city. He eventually met up with Katherine and fell in love, 20 years after they split up to go on their journeys.

Katherine was employed by the government to scope out gym leaders and members for Lennetto’s pokemon league. She was then assigned to a special operations team and became a leader in charge of spying on the Shade Syndicate. She also carried out direct orders from President Lee, even if the orders where to cover up something the government did. Katherine continued to search for the gems, and fell in love with Leonus on a surprise return to Windleaf.

Together, Leonus and Katherine finally managed to find a map that would lead them to the gems. They found the gems and their guardians, but left them untouched for the time being. Obadiah learned of this and made a return of his own. When he arrived, he discovered that Katherine and Leonus were in love. Obadiah had always had strong feelings for Katherine and had always competed for her. Obadiah attacked Cypress’s lab and burned Windleaf to the ground looking for the gems, but was unsuccessful. Obadiah left the town in ashes, killing most of Cypress’s pokemon in the fire. Cypress rebuilt the town and built a new school, hoping to educate students on what happened to the town. This is where you come in. But that is another story for another time.


The Shade Empire has grown considerably within the last few years. They have a lot members world wide, but most of their members are right here in Lennetto. They have resorted to violence as one of their means to achieve their goals, and will stop at nothing to get to the Citrine Hallow. The group is now Cult like and is very secretive. The government continues to try to shut them down, but remains unsuccessful.

The Knights use organizations and people as scapegoats to their goals. Among these organizations is Zephyr Corp., the biggest enterprise in all of Lennetto. They are known to operate from their flying fortress in Endo City. They are dedicated to the rebellion and uprising of the Lennetto government. No one knows who really is a member of the Shade, but estimates state that about 1 out of 10 people in Lennetto are members of the Knights of Shade. Most members view themselves as vanguards of the revolution and will fight to their last pokemon for their beliefs.

Where the player ties into all of this:
The Knight of Shade attack Windleaf (the players hometown) again after the player receives his first badge in an attempt to find where Prof. Cypress hid the map that will lead them to the Gems of the Citrine (Clever name huh? Not really). The player has to battle them to prevent them from destroying the town. Eventually he makes his way through the Knights and into a small forest near Windleaf. Here you meet Demevest, one of our legendaries, and Hoursand, our main legend, who brands you a Hero of Citrine. A Hero of Citrine is a person who is granted immortality until they complete a specific goal laid out by them by the Greek God Pokemon. So now it is your job to find the gems and prevent the Knights of Shade from using them to access the Citrine Hallow.
The Citrine Hallow is very close to the distortion world, but its purpose is to house all of the information that was used to create the Pokemon World. The reason the Shades want to reach this point is so they can alter time to make it so that the Lennetto monarchy lost a crucial war and never became so powerful.

After you receive the Forest Emerald, Cypress informs you of the story and what you must do. Essentially, you're the only thing standing in the way of the Knights of Shade and the destruction of the Lennetto Region. So now you have to journey the region and collect the remainder of the gems so the Shades can't get them.
The Shades aren't the only ones interested though, the government wants them too. The king of Lennetto, Ironius Lee, wants to use the gems to make the Shades simply disappear. So he sends his best agents, including your aunt, to spy on you and hunt you down so he can steal the gems. Eventually, when you receive all of them, the Shades and the government have the first major battle of the revolution. They both send they're best generals and elite teams to take the gems for you. You successfully defend them of course. So the game progresses with major developments of the war being heard everywhere you go. People start to take sides and it escalates.
Over the course of the game, like most Pokemon Games, you battle Lennetto's gyms. Now it's time to take on the championship. You progress through the tiers and make it to the end, managing to defeat tier 1.
As you are progressing through and are about to be entered into the Hall of Fame, Obadiah himself appears and tells you to fork over the gems. I know this is sudden, but there's a lot of events leading up to this that will make sense. The Shades have slowly been getting closer to the Olympiad of Triumph (Our Pokemon League Town area) and finally have taken the town. Now that the time has come, Obadiah attacks you and takes the gems. The champions tell you they're going to the Hidden Kingdom, where the entrance to the Citrine Hallow is said to exist. They reveal they are heroes as well.
Now even the gym leaders are taking sides in the war. You have to end this. You make it to the Hidden Kingdom just in time to witness the door to the Citrine Hallow just being opened. You enter and make your way through the maze of puzzles and finally to the end, where you battle Obadiah. He summons the two beings locked away there, Negaspark and Plutzero, and is about to use their powers to change time when Hoursand appears and stops him. Hoursand manages to permanently close the Citrine Hallow, and you are returned outside. Obadiah reveals that he didn't care about ending the rule of the government, all he cared about was being king, which understand is cliche. He flies off in anger. The rest of the Knights of Shade apologize and beg you to help them. Cypress tells you that the government is relentlessly attacking innocent people. You have to do something. (I'll be working on that last part a bit more, a few things need be worked on.
The final battle is between you and King Lee. You make your way through his castle and agents and defeat him. Now Lennetto is going to have it's first election since 1803. You return home a hero and sleep. Cue the credits. "Thugs" roughly describes the Knights of Shade at the beginning.

Well all of that was supposed to be told over the game, but there you go. The storyline in a nutshell. I hope this answers many of various questions. It is very vague and needs some work, and is missing almost all of the little details. The story is pretty much going to be told using the literary technique known as Chekhov's Gun, where a details are introduced that seemingly mean nothing, but all come together at the end in a form of assembling a puzzle.

That is the whole story. I need to tweak a few things and add to a few ideas, but that's it in a nutshell.
Also, I like my tile graphics, and so does a majority of my followers on DeviantArt that actually choose to comment :/ I need to tweak a lot of sprites and I assure you the blue dome won't be in the game. I'm also going to be editing the tall grass pallets a bit.

Also with the gym leaders, you battle through areas (based off of the gyms type of course) so you can make it to the end. You battle two gym leaders here instead of just one. The task of becoming a gym leader is very hard (Mt. Ultima, where badgium is obtained, is the hardest and most treacherous area of the game) and so is the test to become a leader.

With the starters, your rivals in this game have a bit more of a different style than the old ones. One of your rivals always has Shepleaf, Moltra, and Pirotter; another always has Kiero, Clolarm, and a Zorua; another has a Shadaby (Ghost/Dragon); and finally the last one always has Magihare and our equivalent of Blissey with higher defense. I know it seems weird that they don't have the opposite of you but it works out in the end.

I'm not even worrying about Sinnoh right now, to be honest. That's if I can get this done (which I will).

Thank you, and a few of the starter designs will be edited. I appreciate the criticism, and I must warn you I am hot-headed and have a quick temper, and I'm deeply sorry if I seem angry, that's just normal. I love to answer questions, so if you have any, don't be afraid to post them. Please be kind, and respect that I have feelings.
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