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Originally Posted by ChaosJester083 View Post
Cant wait for the 9th gym and man you did some grinding I actually beat it with pokemon at lv50.
Yeah, I didn't want to spend more time than I had to repeating the Elite Four so I overleveled like crazy.

Originally Posted by mew_nani View Post
YAY YOU WON!!! Your victory over the Elite4 was glorious.

As promised, here is your victory picture. (The chibi-thing in the back is UNHOLYbear. I didn't feel like drawing her in all her unholy glory so I just made her a chibi. And I added TEH-PRO's tail for the sake of awesomeness.)

Just... Where's the part where you leave? You got warped back to your house... :\

EDIT: Hold on... the attachments aren't working...

EDIT: Wait for it... wait for it... .... any day now.... .... .... darn this is taking so long... ... .............. .... All done! The picture should be at the bottom of the page.
Yeah, my best bet is that I was knocked out with some sort of large bat... a large bat with "THE END" written on it, I suppose...

Also holy ****ing **** that's badass, and you almost made UNHOLYbear cu-

...I'm sorry, I can't say it...

Originally Posted by Teh Baro View Post
You warped home probably because you took a secret exit to the hall of fame. Annie wanted you to sing, Ran wanted to sex you, and Baro... Baro can't be avoided, but it's worth a try.

Er... ... English?

Also, awesome drawing you posted there.

Also, I'm fine. Thanks.
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