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    Originally Posted by fliyer View Post
    sounds like a good idea to improve on emerald, but what does this hack have that would make me want to replay through emerald? What is different about the plot? do i still have to deal with team magma and aqua or have you removed them from the game? Tell me what have you done with this emerald hack that will make me want to play it until the end?
    Team Magma and Aqua have not been removed. In fact, very little of the game's original content will be removed. It's the additions that make it more interesting. Significantly harder gym battles, different wild pokemon, and added plot points and antagonists that make the existing plot more logical. By the end of the game the player would finally understand why Magma and Aqua were having their insanely stupid land vs. water war. But of course, that's what makes it a sideshow hack. It's mainly targeted at people who are only slightly bored with Emerald, as opposed to those who are so bored with it that they need entirely new continents.


    I have absolutely no idea what caused that, but I'll try the patch on a clean ROM and try to figure it out. The hack may have been damaged when I turned it into a patch somehow. (I say this because I test-played the original copy of the hack and didn't find any problems of that magnitude.) I didn't even edit Brendan/May, which is why I'm confused by this scenario. Hopefully I'll have the working version of Beta 0.1 online sometime soon.