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    Originally Posted by antoj View Post
    i think they should make a remake of red, but if they were to make a remake of blue, they should call it deep-sea blue, or deep-sea saphire.
    it is a remake
    i am working on the title
    Originally Posted by Chiar View Post
    FR is actually a revamped version of Red, so I don't think there's a point in making this game. I'm afraid not many people would be interested in playing this game, as they have propably played both FRLG and RB, and that makes the game pretty useless. Like others said, the game would be more interesting with BW or DPPtHGSS graphics.
    How many times should i say that i am revamping them again to HGSS Pallet! i am sorry for being rude.
    @nintendork yeh its gonna be revamp project.

    some of the pallets were same.
    the door is Place holder.
    i will edit it again for some minor changes
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