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Originally Posted by fadeawayrequiem View Post
The very first battle against your rival is SUPER glitched. The text goes into a long string of stuff, then leader Brawley is the sprite, it says bug catcher joey sends out ______ (blank space) and the question mark sprite shows up as your opponent. And its an instant win for you.

EDIT: First trainer battle on route 102 sends out a channeler who again has the question mark. It treats this one like a safari zone battle, but the trainer blocks the safari balls. The battle against the bug catcher sends out nothing, with 0 HP. And that battle would go on forever because he NEVER runs out of nothing to fight you with (I think I beat 15 "nothings" while testing this). However, it allows you to forfeit the battle. Finally, the girl in the upper right corner by the berries battles you with the water elite 4's image, and the entire game freezes. I think its safe to say that all of the trainer battles are messed up. To the point where you cannot battle trainers at all.
Okay, I'm pretty sure I found the problem. A-Ptch implements most of my changes but it seems as though it can't perform the most important one. It doesn't expand the ROM to 32 MB, probably just deleting all of the data that's been moved beyond the 16MB mark. So does anyone know a patching system that WILL resize the ROM if needed?

Otherwise I'll have to use a ROM that's already been expanded as the rombase and add instructions for how to do that part yourselves, and I'm hoping that won't be necessary. It forces too much onto the testers. I will try Lunar IPS when I get a chance.