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Originally Posted by war rock exe View Post
This is BEAST!!!!! You should make it so we can edit title screens and tiles... or is that too much..?
Anything really is possible now.

Originally Posted by Full Metal View Post
Well, while you're doing things with plugins...
How's a tilemap editor sound?
( I would write one, but I haven't a slightest clue where to start as far as making a plugin goes. { Feel free to point me in the right direction? }
This is actually easily possible in the new NSE.
The drawing and Lz compression functions could make this really simple.

Although I should add access to creating new editor forms from within a plugin... I'll add that sometime really soon

Originally Posted by shiny quagsire View Post
The plugin system will be interesting.

I might look into developing a few plugins.
Both of you, that's awesome.

-and for all developers

I'll attach the source code to an exmaple plugin for you to look through.
Most of it is pretty straight forward, I even commented the steps.
When making a plugin, you get access to ALL of NSE's core functions by referencing the NSE Framework.dll.

Best of luck, and please ask or PM for help and suggestions
(Even things you would like to see added to plugin support, I allready metioned how I have to add access to the editor form, the one that shows up after you navigate)

-Again best of luck

p.s. today's my b-day (I'm 15 now ), so it might take a couple of days fo the next update, especially with finals.
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